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Revolution™ Pay Station Upgrade Kits

The IPS Metric Accent/Autoslot™ Revolution Upgrade Kits are designed to retrofit the existing machine. This extends the life of the current infrastructure, while upgrading to the latest technology. The upgrade path has been designed to allow swift replacement.  Customers benefit from lower equipment upgrade costs, ease of maintenance, and reduced overall cost of ownership.

Key Benefits

  • Flexibility: Upgrade to contactless credit/debit card acceptance which is not possible from the original provider. Improve the customer journey with more user friendly controls. The upgrade kits are available in pay and display, with or without registration entry. A simple change of the keypad and a firmware update are all that are required to support the different modes.
  • Unparalleled Power Efficiency: Solar charged combination battery packs maximise ongoing power. Due to the advanced ultra low power technology it will be possible to convert your existing Accent/Autoslot to solar power from existing mains in most cases.
  • Improved Visibility: LED lighting above the display provides enhanced visibility for motorists, technicians, and cash collection personnel.
  • Dependability: The parking terminals communicate wirelessly on the 3G cellular network, ensuring fast and reliable two-way communication of secure credit/debit card authorisations, remote management including tariff and customer display screen updates.
  • Open Protocols Architecture: IPS Group’s open interface provides seamless web-services integration with third-party systems, such as ANPR (automatic number plate recognition), digital permits and enforcement systems in order to further optimise parking operations and form part of the Smarter Cities revolution.

Revolution™ MA
IPS Revolution Upgrade Kits feature a PCI Level 1 v3.2 chip and contactless solution which is accredited with the following acquirers:


Revolution™ EL

Retrofits: Metric Elite \\ Elite LS

Revolution™ CL

Retrofits: Retrofits: Flowbird (Cale) CWT

Revolution™ ST

Retrofits: Parkeon Stelio

Revolution™ SR

Retrofits: Flowbird (Parkeon) Strada

Revolution™ MA

Retrofits: Metric Accent / Autoslot

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