Smart Collection System

The IPS Smart Collection System provides a more accurate and efficient process for collecting, counting and reconciling parking meter revenues from IPS Smart Meters. The Smart Collection System offers cash collections accountability and accurate revenue tracking, transparency to the meter audit, and access to collections data from anywhere, at any time, with real-time transmission through wireless communication. The patented IPS cash tracking system gives customers access to additional meter data and provides greater transparency for the collection program in your city.

Features & Benefits

  • Wirelessly pairs with IPS Smart Meter to confirm collection and allow meter to transmit collection
  • information to the web-based Data Management System (DMS)
  • Utilizes BLE technology to track collections
  • Reports time-stamped data to the DMS for accurate auditing
  • Includes a mobile application for system management
  • Offers an additional level of accountability through reconciled reports
  • Reduces loss with a secure and tamper resistant cash box
  • Provides extended life through dual-battery pack technology
  • Constructed of lightweight aluminum to maximize collection capacity


Auditing Capabilities

  • Provides automatic levels of assurance—coins are counted when passed through the Smart Meter’s coin validator, and when reconciled against bank statements
  • Includes an additional optional level of assurance if reconciled with the Smart Collection System DMS report


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