Third-Party Integration

IPS smart meters can integrate with any third-party vendor. Below is a listing which demonstrates the range of our third-party integrations. This listing includes the largest integration for each type and is by no means a complete list.
Parking Guidance: IPS currently partners with ParkMe in Santa Monica, Austin, Los Angeles, and other cities to provide drivers a smart phone app which alerts them to the location of available parking spaces and displays the various costs of parking areas on the map.  Drivers will be able to find spaces in real-time and space availability will be the most accurate in the market today.
Mobile Payment:The IPS system accepts mobile payments which are displayed in real time on the meter itself, providing customers with maximum flexibility in terms of payment options, while ensuring that enforcement practices are not impacted. As such, customers can make an initial payment at the meter via credit card or any other accepted form of payment, and then extend their time by mobile payment, up to the maximum allowable time. Remote payment capabilities provide a convenient way to pay for or extend parking without having to be physically present at the meter. IPS is currently integrated with multiple pay-by-cell vendors including Passport Parking, Pay-by-Phone, Parkmobile, ParkNow, and Pango and will partner with any pay-by-cell vendor the City chooses.
Enforcement: IPS partnered with Xerox which handles the citation processing for the City of Los Angeles. The IPS DMS is integrated with the Xerox backend system which provides handhelds for enforcement officers. However, IPS can integrate with any enforcement vendors that the City requires.
Financial Systems: IPS Group currently partners with the multiple financial institutions. IPS’s integration with the City’s merchant processor will be both seamless and secure.
At the heart of the IPS DMS is a database structure and associated web services that can exchange information as specified in either a real time format (such as XML) or batch files in a pre-determined time frame (such as daily CSV). IPS has successfully demonstrated this capability in multiple locations and projects. IPS recommends an XML data feed to push the data in real time. This structure can integrate with an API of the City’s choice. Additionally, IPS can create custom reports and user groups within the DMS system allowing access to the parking data without the need to create or manage an additional integration.