Vehicle Detection Sensors

IPS Vehicle Detection Sensors are essential for a highly-efficient parking program. Fully-integrated with the IPS Smart Parking Platform, sensors can influence strategic data-driven policy decisions to make your parking program more successful. IPS sensors can help your City increase revenue by an average of 25%–50%.
The IPS Dome Mount Sensor enhances operational efficiency and is up to 50% less expensive than other vehicle detection sensor systems on the market. Investing in IPS sensors can pay for itself in as little as one year.

  • Discover parking trends with access to real-time and historical occupancy data
  • Generate revenue by resetting the meter to zero time when a vehicle leaves a space
  • Prevent meter-feeding to promote space turnover
  • Offer courtesy time for greater public acceptance of the meters
  • Enable demand-based and progressive rate structures
  • Improve and optimize parking enforcement

The IPS Dome Mount Sensor’s non-intrusive design makes it the easiest and most cost-efficient sensor to implement. Dome Mount Sensors are configurable to any parking environment for installation within minutes with minimal tools or manpower – no need for invasive concrete work to install or maintain.
The Dome Mount Sensor exceeds industry standards as the most reliable sensor on the market today.
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Dome Mount Sensor

  • Integrates directly into the meter dome for easy maintenance or replacement
  • Configures to any parking environment
  • Wirelessly connects to IPS meters via cellular network – no additional infrastructure required
  • Over 99% accuracy

IPS makes significant investments in R&D in order to develop dependable, future-proof technology such as the dome mount sensors. Leaps and bounds ahead of its predecessors and competitors, the dome mount sensor is a powerful solution with unmatched accuracy that was designed as the simplest and most cost-efficient sensor to implement.

Other sensor options available from IPS Group include:

Pole Mount Sensor

  • Non-intrusive installation – sensor is mounted to the meter pole
  • Easy access for maintenance and/or replacement
  • Wireless connection to the IPS meter via cellular network – no additional infrastructure required

In Ground Sensor

  • Underground sensor contains both power source and antenna for a completely wireless solution
  • Wireless connection to the IPS meter via cellular network – no additional infrastructure required

For more information read our Sensor Accuracy White Paper Sensor_WhitePaper_Thumbnail
Vehicle detection sensors are a great asset to a City’s parking program. This white paper provides a historical overview of past and present testing techniques, dispel myths regarding accuracy percentages, and provide a baseline of knowledge to help City officials determine a course of action.
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