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The Power of Smart Technology

Smart technology has a critical impact on the smart city framework. It can maximize your most important assets and accommodate responsible growth by increasing revenue, improving efficiency, and contributing to a more sustainable way of urban living.  Learn More

Increase Revenue by up to 50%

Don’t leave money on the streets. IPS Smart Meters offer unique built-in features, such as advanced mobile payment and unparalleled power efficiency for greater system uptime. The robust Data Management System allows Cities to gather data in real time, enhance efficiency and maximize earnings from anywhere.  Learn More

True Integration is the Key to the Future of Smart Parking

IPS believes the parking systems of the future have to be fully-integrated, flexible and scalable to achieve the goals of becoming a true Smart City. We offer a deeply connected and intelligent solution—hardware and software—built from the ground up, with the future in mind. Learn More

Complete Control with Enforcement and Permitting

The comprehensive IPS Meter System enables remote control of an entire parking network at any time. Seamlessly integrated solutions for enforcement and permitting allow Cities to respond to violations and permit requests in real time, maximizing efficiency across the parking network.  Learn More