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It’s coming citywide soon. On Monday, the Seattle Department of Transportation announced that it was installing smart parking meters, the first ones going in Pioneer Square. The meters will be installed throughout the year into 2016, and you can find a full schedule here.

Why the smart meters? The city says the current meters were installed between 2004-10 and are outdated. The older technology the meters work on is also becoming obsolete: “Even the newest of the existing pay stations will no longer communicate when the AT&T 2G network is decommissioned,” the city states.

The SDOT site states that the “project will replace 1,500 older pay stations…and retrofit 700 of the city’s newer pay stations with new ips technology and components, saving the city approximately $2.5 million.”

As King 5 reports, the new pricing will fluctuate based on demand and time of day, with a minimum price of $1 per hour to maximum of $4 per hour, adjusted in 50 cent increments. “Take the area of Pioneer Square near the stadium, where crews installed the first meter,” King 5 states. “Pricing here used to be $3.00 an hour. It’s now $2.50 in the morning hours and $3.50 into the afternoon.”

The new meters will be contracted through the IPS group, which has already supplied parking solutions in San Francisco and Los Angeles. The SDOT reports that the contract with IDS is worth about $20 million over seven years.