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IPS Parking machines

Who We Are

IPS Smart Parking Solutions are redefining the parking terminal business. As the designer, manufacturer and payment service provider, the IPS solution puts the latest smart technology, real-time data and complete control of your system, right at your fingertips. The IPS portfolio is wireless, seamlessly integrating with existing infrastructure and third-party applications to form one powerful system. With innovative solutions to manage the evolving needs of urban life, IPS is driving the Smart Cities revolution.

Our Mission

We strive to provide our customers with the most technologically advanced yet practical and affordable Smart Parking Solutions in the world. Each year we invest millions of dollars into research & development which allows us to continually innovate – the latest in vehicle detection technology, in-vehicle payment systems and complex data analytics. Because we do not rely on third-party technologies, our ability to provide customised and streamlined products is unmatched in the industry.