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In-Vehicle Payment

IPS Group continues to capture the spirit of innovation by changing how people park. IPS, in collaboration with Honda and Visa, introduces a revolutionary breakthrough in parking – an end-to-end in-vehicle mobile payment parking solution that eliminates the hassle of digging for change or leaving the vehicle to feed the meter. Drivers will experience the simplicity and convenience of paying for parking from the safety and comfort of their vehicles. With full control at their fingertips, drivers complete the entire process using the in-vehicle dashboard with just the touch of a button. Parking has never been this easy.



Driver is notified of available parking via the IPS mobile app that is fully integrated with the vehicle’s dashboard.


Driver selects the time increment and pays using the dashboard and secure Visa payment technology. The meter simultaneously displays the time purchased.

And go!

Driver can conveniently add additional time to the meter if needed using their smart phone.

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Read about the continued advancement into the world of connectivity from IPS and how through our collaboration with HONDA and VISA have created an end-to-end in-vehicle payment system.

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See how Honda’s proof of concept that debuted at CES 2017 in Las Vegas is simplifying the parking experience with their IPS and VISA collaborations.

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See How It Works

Automatically locate the nearest parking meter

Select time from your vehicle

Add time from your phone, no matter where you are