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True Integration is the Key to the Future of Smart Parking

Truly Integrated and Built with the Future in Mind

Unlike some that promote surface-level integrated solutions, IPS offers a deeply-connected system designed from the ground up and backed by a powerful cloud-based software solution built with the future in mind.

The entire IPS Smart Parking Product Suite is wirelessly connected to a single, powerful backend system, the Data Management System, which provides advanced data intelligence to help customers manage and interpret their parking data. IPS offers the only truly integrated system which consists of:

  • Single- and Multi-Space Meters – IPS Smart Parking meters provide enhanced payment options (coin, credit/debit card, smart card, contactless, mobile and BLE), unparalleled power efficiency and ease of maintenance.
  • Multi-Space Upgrade Kits – Upgrade Kits retrofit existing pay stations and instantly modernize aging assets with IPS technology.
  • Vehicle Detection Sensors – Fully-integrated with the IPS Smart Parking Platform, IPS sensors can help customers increase revenue by an average of 25%–50%.
  • Smart Collections Systems – Patented IPS cash tracking system provides customers access to additional meter data and provides greater transparency.
  • Parking Enforcement Management – Smart citation processing and management solution provides real-time access to handle the entire citation lifecycle including citation issuance, citation processing and delinquent collections.
  • Permit Management – Scalable and fully-integrated permit issuance and management solution handles the entire permit lifecycle from design through fulfillment.
  • PARK SMARTER™ Mobile App – Reimagined mobile payment application that offers enhanced features and convenience that allows users to manage an entire parking session from their smartphone; includes rapid account setup and checkout services, as well as local merchant offers.
  • In-Vehicle Payment – In collaboration with Honda Design Studio and Visa, the end-to-end in-vehicle mobile payment allows motorists to pay for parking from the safety and comfort of their vehicles.

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