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Web-Based Data Management System (DMS)

The IPS Data Management System (DMS) is a secure web-based application that allows you to manage an entire parking terminal network with ease. The DMS provides customers with a comprehensive set of financial, technical, and administrative reporting features and remote meter configuration capabilities, forming an intuitive and powerful Smart Parking solution.

The Next Generation DMS


Key benefits include:

  • Ability to seamlessly integrate meters, vehicle sensors, and pay-by-cell applications into a single back end system
  • No need for local software or new hardware installation
  • Maintains the latest in encryption and internet security
  • Real-time data available 24/7/365 from any web-enabled device
  • Customizable dashboards and visual analytics provide visual representations of massive amounts of data to pinpoint patterns and trends
  • Reports enable customers to review maintenance, revenue, or collections of a single meter, area, zone or the entire park
  • Filtering features allow users to drag and drop any header to any location or remove it from the report, giving administrators the flexibility needed to generate relevant reports without exporting

The IPS Data Management System Makes Parking Smarter

Data is the most underused asset of your Smart City’s parking program. It’s time to make a change and achieve better results for your citizens. The IPS DMS helps your city monitor maintenance activity and user trends to optimise your entire parking system, all from any web-enabled device! Put the power of your city’s entire parking operation into your hands, and make more strategic decisions at every turn.

It’s time to get started with IPS. Get more out of your parking program every minute, every day, every year.

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